At Monza Publishers, my first job, I am in charge of the overall design, DTP and production of the "Two Wheeler" motorcycle magazine. Beside doing its layout and graphic design for the various articles and advertisments, I am also looking into its colour separation and printing process.

As Monza Publishers also conduct weekly gathering and motorcycle tours to Malaysia and Thailand under its "CycleEast" wing, I am thus also responsible for their various Tour Advertisements, Tour Sales, Member Recuritments and as an avid motorcyclist, I also help in the conduct of their tours.

As a graphic designer, I have done countless Catalogs, Brochures, Leaflets, Company Profiles and Newsletter. From concept, data entry, layout, right up to the colour separation and printing stage. I also coordinates with clients on the finer details of their requirements and specifications (especially for catalogs)

Catalogs & Brochures I have done include many well known local and MNC companies. eg: Dou Yee, Megatech and Philips Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd (Audio Visual, Domestic Appliances,Tunner, Optical Storages, etc) to name a few

As for colour separation I have worked closely with Eray Scan for over 6 years, and during these time various printers too, Kenwa Litography, Everright Printing, etc

Point of Sales (POS):
Wobblers • Hanging Mobiles • Posters • Shelftalkers • Flaglines • Tankcards • Leaflet holders • Crowners • Aryclic display stands, etc

Invitation cards • Calendar • Product Packaging •

As these POS materials are required to attract attension, their designs and concepts not only needs to be unique but I am also competent in the application of the various types of cards, paper, spot colour printing and production method like hot stamping, die-cut, emboss, vacuum forming, etc to further enhance the mileage of these POS

Beside doing prints, I am also tasked with the conceptualization, design and coordinate in the production and launches of event such as Trade Show, Product Launch, Dealers' Nite, Farewell / Parties, Roadshows, Exhibitions, etc

Job scopes involves and require a deeper undertanding of the clients' product / requirements and sales objective. I also need to create an "excitement" into these event so as to make sure the event is a memorable and successful one. Other backend stuff like Invitation Cards, Table Arrangements / Floor Plans, Audio Visual equipments, Time Table, Storage and Security are no strangers to me.

I also need to brief and coordinate with the carpenters on the build and lastly involve in the finishing of these projects. By "finishing" I meant the applications of sticker letterings, graphics and product arrangements

Please click on the below links to see some events:

Product Launch #A

Product Launch #B

Road Show #C

Exhibition #D

Product displays and window display enhances ones' product thru the emphasis of the product's key selling features by constructing a unique and attractive display unclutered nor distracted from its surroundings. Bringing out the flavour and lifestyle associated with the products.

I have designed and built many product display from simple single item display to theme display, product demonstrations stand, gondolas, sales counters, etc Creativly involving numberous material and medias like metal, wood, fiberglass, styrofoams, motorisation / robotics, light effects, etc

Please click on the below links to see some designs and concepts:

Product Display #A

Product Display #B


I also have numberous experience in the signage industry and am very familair with the construction and the prints.

Wheather the signage is of Vinyle canvas, Lightbox, Neon sign, Extruded aluminium, Fiberglass resin or custom build, I have seen and done them all. I am also very fluent in the excuteion of sticker cutting and large format printings.

Sticker cutting was via "Botak Sign" while I am responsible for creating the graphics, files and coordination of the sticker cutting. I also have experience in the application of these sticker as most banners were used to be pasted by me.

Large format printings is via our in-house Mimaki Inkjet Printer. Part of my responsibilities as a Studio Executive involves in the schedule of the printing and in the optimising of the print media, (eg. reduce wasteage thru print size, job arrangements and orientations)

Please click on the below links to see some past exhibition booth design:

Signage #A


Interior Designs I have involved in are of the commerical type and they ranges from computers shops in the downtown areas to shops in Changi Airport. Beside shops, I have also been involved with the design and creation of Reception / Waiting Area, Rest Areas, Staff Shops, Food and Berverages Outlet and Cosmetic Boutiques Outlets

Proposal to build up, submission to final approval. All these I am familiar. In the past, proposal were of hand painted sketch. Later proposal progresses to 3D software (Archicad) and 3D rendering (Artlantis) for a more realistic artist impression.

Added bonus for client will be a movie file (if budget permits) and a panaromic movie files of the proposals.

Please click on the below links to see some designs and concepts:








ID Movie files #H

ID Movie files #I

ID Movie files #J